If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 5: Going to Town

Chapter Text

Jared asked Jensen for the name of his bank and headed there first. It was Saturday and the banks closed at noon on that day. They drove down several side streets to reach the business section of town. Jared pulled into the bank and the two men entered.

They sat down with one of the employees and Jensen handed her his checkbook.

“I wish to close this account.”

“You do know you have someone else on the account?”

“Yes, but I put her on. I’m the main account holder. I no longer live in the same residence and I am changing banks to get out from under her influence.”

“Do you wish for the balance in cash or will a certified check do?”

The employee left her desk and went into the back of the bank. The assistant manager sat down at the desk.

“Mr. Ackles, you do know your mother was put on the account because you could not handle your finances?”

Jared interrupted, “Professor Ackles teaches at the college. He’s quite capable of taking care of his finances. His mother has not done a good job. If we do not get a certified check immediately, you will be served.”

“You are?”

“I’m Jared Padalecki. You know the family name, I imagine.”

“Yes, Sir. Gena, get that check for Professor Ackles.”

“If you’ll sign right here, Sir?”

Jared leaned over and read what Jensen was signing. He moved the man’s hand to the line and Jensen signed. The bank employee brought the check to Jensen and gave it to him.

“We’re sorry to lose your business, Mr. Ackles.”

The young professor nodded and the two men left the building. Once inside the truck, Jensen handed the check to his friend.

“How much did she leave in there?”

“There’s one thousand two hundred and seventy-seven dollars and thirty-three cents.”

“I wonder what she spent it all on.”

“She was legally on your account. You’ll never be able to get it back, Jen. Don’t worry about it. It will grow in another bank. As I said, I have more than enough to take care of both our needs.”

“I want to pay my way.”

“You will once your next check hits the bank. We need to make sure your check is sent to a new account. I’m going to take you where the Padaleckis have banked for decades.”

“Thank you.”

“But what I do today is a gift to a friend. You have to accept gifts and I’m a giving person.”


“No buts about it.”

They pulled into another bank and were greeted immediately by an employee.

“May I help you gentlemen?”

“I need to open a new account.”

“Of course, follow me.”

The two men followed the woman, Jared’s hand barely touching his arm as he guided the man.

For the next thirty minutes, Jensen opened a checking and savings account. He put Jared as his contact in case of injury or death. He was told the new credit card would be in the mail within ten days. The employee read over the information.


Jared looked at the woman, knowing he was found out.

“Yes, I am. I signed the papers last week.”

“Yes, Sir. It is good to meet you.”

Jared shook her hand and thanked her for her time.


The two men drove to a large mall. Jared led Jensen to several shops. The professor ended up with two pairs of dress shoes, two pairs of tennis shoes, a pair of boots, some sandals, and a pair of slippers. He received five pairs of jeans, five pairs of dress slacks, two sport coats, t-shirts, flannel shirts, dress shirts, two hoodies, pajamas, underwear, socks, and a winter coat, gloves and a hat. All the way through the shopping, Jensen tried to protest. Jared just laughed and bought.


Jared drove to the Farmer’s Market and they bought fresh produce. They bought honey, homemade jams, and asked about a good butcher.

They stopped at a major grocer and picked up what could not be purchased at the Farmer’s Market or butcher.

They loaded up the truck and headed to the butcher’s. Jared bought a half a cow butchered, a half a pig butchered, several turkeys, and chickens. They headed back to the ranch.


It took a while to hang up Jensen’s clothes and put the groceries away. Jared had Jensen’s device that made the Braille strips. He marked everything in the kitchen, both food and appliances.

“I’ll teach you how to work everything as we cook.”

Jensen walked the kitchen, reading the Braille strips. He felt welcomed and wanted. It was a rare feeling for him.

Jared made sandwiches and chips with a large glass of sweet tea. The two men sat on the patio and enjoyed their lunch.


At 3:30, Josh and MacKenzie arrived with Jensen’s things. His computer and printer were set up in his room. Jared took the books to his library and the movies and music to his media room. It took a couple of hours for the four of them to get everything set up.

Jared offered tea and everyone agreed. They sat in the large family room and talked. Josh and MacKenzie told Jensen’s story, not really thinking he would say anything.

“Jensen’s shy,” MacKenzie commented.

“Yeah, and Mom doesn’t know how to handle anyone with special needs,” Josh added.

Jensen’s head jerked up, “I’m not special needs.”

“Actually, he’s right, Josh. Jen has no problems at all that can’t be handled with tact and respect. Go look in the kitchen.”

Jensen’s siblings returned from the kitchen and were quiet.

“See what I mean?”

“Yeah, Jared, I do. I also think he should not return home.”

“After meeting your mother, I think you’re right. Jensen is welcome to stay as long as he wants. He can make it permanent if he wants.”

“Good. I’ll let Dad know.”

Josh and MacKenzie hugged their brother and held on for a few minutes. They shook hands with Jared and gave him a hug. Jensen heard them leave and Jared come back into the house.

The taller man stared at his new companion and asked, “Are you all right?”

“No. I’m not. I wish I knew why she hated me so much.”

“I don’t know. Maybe she just couldn’t deal with you not being perfect. Some people are that way. But Jen, to me you are perfect. Don’t let your mom bother you. There are people who care.”

“Okay,” the older man whispered as he walked out of the room.

Jared stood and watched him leave. He shook his head but felt that the man needed to be alone to work this out.


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