If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 12: Friday


Jensen makes a new friend.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Jared woke early in the morning and figured leaving early would be good a thing. He walked down the hall, in his boxers, towards Jensen’s room. Knocking on the door, he waited for the man to open it or at least ask him to come in. Nothing happened. He knocked again and waited. Still nothing happened. Jared opened the door and turned on the light. Jensen was on his stomach, sprawled across his bed with his blanket and top sheet entangled around his body. His head was buried under his pillow.

Jared walked over to the bed and looked down at the man and smiled. He lifted the pillow off his head and leaned down and blew softly into his ear. Jared had to jump back quickly and barely missed getting boxed upside his head. Jensen came up swinging. Grabbing both wrists and holding them in one hand, Jared pulled the man into his arms and held him tight while whispering into his ear.

“It’s okay, Jen,” he said softly. “It’s just me.”

“Jared? What in the world?”

“Just playing with you. I thought we’d get an early start.”

Jensen was breathing heavy and could feel his heart beating rapidly. He felt strange being in Jared’s arms. He wasn’t sure what was happening but felt the need to back away.

“I’m fine. You can let me go.”

The coach released the man in his arms and backed off. He felt a loss when he released the man.

“Why don’t we take our showers, get dressed and packed, and hit the road. We can catch breakfast somewhere on the way. This way we can beat the rush hour traffic.”

“Okay.” Jensen walked over to his closet and picked out clothes to wear.

“Jared, do I need any dress clothes?”

“No, jeans are fine.”

The two men took about thirty minutes to shower, dress, and pack. Soon they were on the road.


They reached the outskirts of Dallas about 1:00 in the afternoon. Traffic had been bad in places and they made several stops for rest breaks, gas fill ups and drinks.

An hour later, they pulled into a nice hotel and Jared paid for their room for the weekend.

“Leave your suitcase in the car,” Jared told his companion. “You’re going to school this weekend.”

“School? I’ve been to school, Jared. I’m twenty-six years old. What kind of school could I possibly need?”

“You’ll see.”

The two men stopped off at their room and Jared left his suitcase. They left and drove to the outskirts of town and pulled into a small parking lot with a fairly nice sized building with a large fenced-in yard in the back.

Jared grabbed Jensen’s suitcase and led the man into the building.


In another part of the building two men were talking. One had a beautiful golden retriever on a leash.

“It’s not working for him, Jack. The dog won’t bond with anyone. We need to find him a forever home. He’s not going to work.”

“Okay, take him to the kennels and we’ll find him one”

The other man dragged the dog towards the main hallway.

Jared and Jensen were in a large room with very little furniture in it. A man had entered and was talking to the two men.

“A dog?” Jensen asked, surprise in his voice.

“Yeah, Jen. Seeing service dog. He’ll be one of your best friends. They’ll train you with him this weekend. I’ll pick you up on Sunday night.”

“But, mom said a dog was worthless.”

The man interrupted, “The right dog is worthwhile.”

“I don’t know what to do with a dog. I don’t know if this is a good idea.”

At that moment there was a commotion at the door.


The dog who was being taken to the kennels stopped and sniffed the air near the door where Jensen was arguing over the need of a dog. With a large yelp, the dog jumped at the door and started scratching it, barking and whining.

“What the hell?” The man who was talking to the Jared and Jensen went and opened the door. The golden retriever pulled free from his handler and ran to Jensen. The dog jumped him and Jensen fell backwards. Jared and the company representative stood in surprise as the dog straddled Jensen and licked his face while making whining noises.

The trainer came in and stared. He walked over to get the dog and Jared stopped him.

“Leave them alone. The dog’s trying to bond.”

“He has made no attempt with anyone. We’re looking for a family to take him as a pet.”

“That’s because Jensen wasn’t here yet.”

Jensen finally rolled over and had the dog on its back, rubbing its stomach. The animal was making happy noises. Jared grinned as he watched them. Jack walked into the room and stared.

“Angus is bonding?”

“Yeah, Jack. He found his human. He was waiting for him.”

Jensen sat cross legged on the floor with the golden laying across his lap. He was crying.

“His name is Angus?”

“Yes, Sir. His puppy family named him that.”

Jensen caressed the dog and whispered softly to him, “Do you mind if I call you Gus?” The dog wagged its tail and kissed him.Jensen looked up, smiling through his tears. “I want this one.”

“He’s a misfit, Sir.”

“So am I.”


Jared spent the weekend swimming at the pool, reading, and watching movies on the television in his room. He thought over Friday and Jensen with the biggest smile on his face while tears ran down it. Jensen was adamant that the misfit dog was his. Jared smiled. The dog would fit into their household admirably and be there for Jen when he had to be away with the team. Jensen would no longer need to find a new cane.


Jared arrived at the school at 7:00 Sunday evening. The manager of the school met him at the door.

“Are they ready to go?”

“I believe Mr. Ackles is packed. They are in his room. He kept breaking the rules, Mr. Padlecki. He let the dog sleep on the bed.”

Jared grinned, “He did say he and the dog were both misfits. I have no problem with dogs on the furniture.”


“Yes, really. Where is the room? I’ll go get them.”

The manager took Jared down a hallway and knocked on the third door on the right.

“Come in.”

Jared came in and found a small room with a bed and a bath off the side. Jensen and Gus were curled up on the bed.

“Mr. Ackles,” the manager said from behind Jared. “I told you about dogs on the furniture.”

“I told you that Jared paid for this room and the dog. You don’t have a bed for him. He’s sleeping with me.”

“He’s right,” Jared told the manager. “Jen, do you have the paperwork and proof of his training? Does he have his vest?”

“Yeah, Jar, he does.”

“Let’s go.”


Monday afternoon found the two men and Gus at the house. Jensen took Gus for a walk around the property. He carried baggies in the side pocket of Gus’ vest. The two returned to the house and Jared showed the dog where his water and food bowls were.

The two men had toys for the dog and took him out into the back to play fetch. Gus loved the game. Jared grilled hamburgers and served them with cold beer. The two men enjoyed their food while Gus chewed on a toy.


It was 11:00 and Jared was walking the house, checking the locks on doors and making sure the alarm was on. He opened Jensen’s door and looked in. Jensen was on his side with an arm draped around a golden dog. The dog was snuggling. Smiling, Jared turned and headed towards his bedroom.

Jared laid on his bed and sighed. He’d given Jensen his heart with Gus, but Jensen didn’t know it yet. Jensen did not know how to love. The best way was to give him something to love that would love him back. Gus was the start. Besides, Gus was needed badly. Two birds killed with one stone.

Jared basked in the smiles on Jensen’s face all day. He felt good. Turning off the light, he lay on his side and fell asleep.


Jared has made a lot of plans on how to court Jensen. Gus was a major one. I love what Jared is so carefully doing. Jensen doesn’t even realize it.


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