If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 18: Sunday

Chapter Text

Jared awoke at ten in the morning. He went to take his shower. He let the scruff stay for the day. They weren’t going anywhere. Putting on a pair of shorts, t-shirt, and tennis shoes, he headed towards the kitchen. The smell of coffee surprised him. He saw his cup sitting on the counter and poured a cup and added sugar.

He went through the house and saw Jensen in swim trunks and t-shirt sitting at one of the tables. He grinned and walked outside. Gus was swimming in the pool, a floatable toy in his mouth.

“Good morning, Jen. How long have you been up?”

“My Sunday alarm went off at 8:30. Gus needed to go out. We took care of that and cleaned up after him. Neither of us has eaten yet, but the coffee maker has the braille strips for the water. I made coffee.”

“I smelled it coming down the hall. It’s perfect by the way.”

“Thank you. Do you mind if we just veg today? I’m tired of going. I would just love to stay home.

“Sounds good. I’ll go make breakfast. Have you had time to shower or was Gus real demanding today?”

“Not yet. He really needed to expend some energy. I’ll bathe him with the hose attached to the bath house and dry him off. Then I’ll feed him and get my shower.”

“Let me take care of that. You go get a shower and put on some clothes.”

Jensen grinned and headed towards the house. Jared took care fo Gus who had tried to follow the man.

Drying his hair, Jensen walked across the hall towards his room. He stopped, listening to his roommate talking to the dog. Jared was telling him about the stranger who was coming and that Gus needed to be on his best behavior.

Jensen went to his dresser and found a pair of clean boxers and a pair of shorts. He found a knock around t-shirt and put on a pair of tennis shoes. He could smell sausage and picked up his coffee cup off his desk and walked towards the kitchen.

“Hey Jen,” Jared commented as the man went to the coffee maker to get another cup of coffee.

“Do you need the table set?”

“Yeah. Thanks.”

“You’re welcome,” Jensen responded as he took down two plates from the cabinet and got forks and knives from the drawer. He opened another drawer and took two cloth napkins out. He carried them to the breakfast nook and set them at their usual spots. The man went outside and walked to the mailbox. Next to the box was a large open tube. Inside was the local paper. He grabbed the paper and the mail and headed towards the house.

Jensen place the paper at Jared’s spot and walked into the man’s office and set the mail on his desk. He walked back into the kitchen and found two poured glasses of grape juice and took them to the table.

“Hey, Jen! The food is ready.”

The two men took the biscuits, sausage gravy, and bacon to the table and sat down to eat.

Jared read the article on the basketball tournament from the sports page. Jensen commented on the how exciting the games had been.

They cleaned up after breakfast. The two men took time to sweep and dust the house. Laundry was done.

At two in the afternoon, Jared set up the barbecue and the outdoor deep fryer. He barbecued large hamburgers and cooked a large amount of fries. The two men went inside and Jared cut tomatoes and onions while Jensen took out condiments. They took everything, including a pitcher of ice tea outside.

The doorbell rang and Jensen, who was inside grabbing napkins, answered the door, saying “Hello.”

“Well, hello, and who are you?”

Jensen frowned, “Who are you?”

“I’m Jared’s friend, Matt.”

Jensen held out his hand, “I’m Jensen. You must be who Jared was expecting. Come on in. You’re just in time. Lunch is ready.”

“Thanks,” Matt said, following Jensen to the patio. He watched the man as they walked and wondered what Jared had gotten himself into.

Jared greeted his friend and explained to Jensen that the two of them used to hang out together when he spent his summers here with his grandparents.

The three men sat own to eat and Jensen remained quiet. He did not know this man and it seemed the two had not seen each other in a while. After they cleaned up, Jensen excused himself and took Gus for a long walk.

Matt looked at his friend, “Okay. I give up. Who is he?”

Jared sighed and told him how they had met and what had been happening.

“Jar, you’re the kind of guy who takes in stray dogs. But he’s not a stray dog and he has problems.”

“No, he doesn’t. He’s never been allowed to live. I’m going to do all I can to see to it he has a normal life and gets to experience it.”

“Are you in love with him?”

Jared sighed again, “Yes,”

“Ah! Damn it, Jar! Why?”

“Let’s walk the barn and I’ll tell you.”

The two men waked the barn and Jared told him what he needed done and how it had to be perfect.

As they walked back to the house, Jared discussed all that had been happening more in depth. Matt stopped and stared.

“You got yourself an innocent? Jared, you were always a player, man. Do you even know how to do this? Are you serious about him?”

“I want to marry him. One day I will.”

“Damn! All right. I’ll go along with it then. You sure have to take it slow, though. He was home schooled? Did he go to college?”

“He has a Masters in Art.”

“Wow! I bet he hasn’t had any sex education at all. You be careful with him.”

“I am.”

“Well, I can get this started tomorrow. I’ll call my crew and put in the first order when I get home.”

The two men started walking again and found Jensen and Gus playing fetch. Matt said goodbye to Jensen and Jared saw him to the door. He walked into the family room and found Jensen and Gus curled upon the sofa.

“Would you like to watch a movie?”

“That sounds good. What shall we watch?”

“How about the first Hobbit movie?”

“Tolkien? I’d love it.

“I have the extended versions.”


At 9:30, Jared made some grilled cheese and ham sandwiches. The two men ate and chatted about the day.

“Jensen?” Jared asked as they walked together, walking Gus.

“Yes, Jared?”

“May I see you?”

Jensen stopped. “You mean like I see?”

“I’ll close my eyes and it is dark out.”

Jared opened the gate to the back yard an unleashed Gus. He looked at Jensen and could see the confusion and wasn’t sure if Jensen wanted to let him do that. He remembered early in the morning when he had said those things to the man.

“I just want to see what you see; how you see.”

“Alright,” Jensen spoke softly.

Jared closed his eyes and lifted his hands to the other man’s face. He went slowly, caressing with his fingers as he felt every portion. He left nothing untouched. Jensen had laugh lines and he smoothed them out with a gentle movement. He could feel the man was trembling and it encouraged him. He also did like Jensen; he save the lips for last. Jensen had the most beautiful, pouting lips. He softly caressed them and then let his thumb go over them over and over. He heard a very soft moan escape the other man.

Jared placed his hands on either side of Jensen’s face. He slowly moved closer and let his lips softly touch the man’s. Jensen stiffened but did not pull away. Jared’s tongue slowly moved across the lips and moistened them.



Jared pulled Jensen’s bottom lip into his mouth and softly let his teeth nibble it. Jensen suddenly fell into him, collapsing. Jared pulled him closer.

“I’m not going to hurt you, Jen. I just want to know you in every way. I’m declaring that I am very serious about us. I’ll take it slow, but I do want to teach the feelings, the emotions, and the closeness that can be had. I’m stopping right here, right now, because you don’t need to over experience anything at one time. I will be your teacher if you’ll let me.”

“Oh, god!”


“Please don’t stop there.”

Jared pulled the man back into his arms, whispering softly, “Kissing is as far as we go.”


He pressed his mouth against Jensen’s and allowed his tongue to put pressure on the man’s lips and thrilled when those lips opened slightly. He pushed in and slowly explored the sweetness of Jensen’s mouth. It was almost ecstasy when Jensen’s tongue moved slowly and began to tangle with his.

After the kiss, Jared held the trembling man in his arms for a long time.

“What happens to us now?” Jensen whispered.

“We go very slow, Jen. If there is one thing I know, it’s that you are very untrained in the things that can happen between two people who have reached the point we are at. I am not going to go very fast at all. I want you to enjoy what happens and I really want you to want it.

“Like I did just now?”


“Will we do that again?” Jensen’s voice was breathless.


As they walked back to house, Jensen calling Gus, Jared held the man’s hand for the first time.

“Jared, why do you even want this with me?”

“I don’t think you are ready to hear that.”

“If you can touch me and kiss me like that and say the things you’ve been saying to me, I have a right to know.”

“All right. I know you most likely don’t feel the same, or maybe you do and just don’t know it, but,” Jared sighed deeply, “I love you.”


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