If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 20: Monday

Chapter Text

Jensen’s alarm went off at its usual time. He put on some shorts and a tee shirt and took Gus out for a walk. As they took their normal path, Jensen’s mind played back the events of the night before. For the first time, he felt truly at home. Surprisingly, he felt comfortable with Jared’s courtship. For a second the thought, ‘my mom will kill me,’ went through his mind and he shrugged it off.

Entering the house, he smelled coffee and knew Jared was up. He unleashed Gus and headed towards his shower.


Jared had put a tin of cinnamon rolls in the oven and had a pot of Oatmeal on the stove. He was drinking coffee when he noticed Gus poke his head into the kitchen.

“Hey, Gus. You hungry.” The golden’s tail wagged. Jared set his cup down and went into the pantry and brought out the dog’s dish with food in it. Setting it in the mudroom, he walked back into the kitchen to stir the cereal. He was on his second cup when he saw Jensen walk pass, carrying his suit coat and briefcase. He poured two glasses of apple juice and a cup of coffee. Jensen had hung his coat and entered the kitchen.

“Good morning, Jen.”

“Good morning. It’s a beautiful day outside.”

“I know. I jogged at 6:30. Coffee?”

“Yes, please.”

Jensen walked over to the coffee maker and turned towards Jared’s voice. He lifted his face towards the other man’s and kissed him softly on the lips. Jared was surprised but took it in stride as a good thing. He watched Jensen pick up the cup of coffee and take a sip.

“I’ll get the table set, Jare. What do we need today?”

“The juice is poured. Just cereal bowls and small plates. The brown sugar, maple syrup, raisins and cinnamon are next to the juice.”

Jensen took another drink of his coffee and set it down. He set the table and helped carry in the breakfast. Jared read an article on a new restaurant that served Indian food. The food critic gave a good rating.

“Would you like to go tonight?”

“Yes. I’ve never had Indian food. I’d like to try it.”

The two men cleaned up and Jensen grabbed his briefcase and suit coat as they headed out the door, with Gus on a leash. They drove in quiet to the college. Jared pulled into the handicapped parking at the Art’s building. He leaned over and kissed Jensen.

“Have a good day. Josh and I will be by at eleven to pick you up.”

“Okay, Jared. You have a good day, too.”


Jensen and Gus walked outside the Art’s building and down the stairs to the sidewalk. He crossed the street, walked Gus, and cleaned up after him. They went back across the street towards the sidewalk when a horn honked.


Gus steered the man towards the big truck. Josh got out of the front seat and went into the back with the dog. Jensen sat up front. They drove to the Administration Building.

The three men walked into the Dean’s office. The secretary motioned them on in. Jared led the way. Dean Beaver was a brilliant man. There were rumors that his house was one massive library. He was also a fair man.

“Come in, gentlemen. Have a seat”

The three men found seats and waited on the Dean to speak first.

“All right. What is going on?”

Jared did the talking. He spoke first about the attack on Jensen and their friendship. He then went into the problems over Danneel Harris.

Jim was quiet for a while. He offered the men some coffee but was politely refused. He walked the room and finally sat back down.

“Gentlemen. First off, we have no rules against faculty fraternization. You two have my blessing on however it works out,” the Dean said. He stopped and sighed deeply. “I find the rest to be a very sticky situation. Miss Harris’ father is on the Board of Regents and donates to the College regularly. At the same time, the young woman cannot be allowed to harass anyone. I am going to give her a reprimand and a warning. That should handle the problem.”

Jared thanked the man. Jensen had turned white. Josh was furious. The three men walked out of the Admin building.

“Let’s go get some lunch, guys,” Jared stated. They drove to Golden Corral and the three men had a marvelous lunch.

As they drove back to the college, Jensen asked, “Are we going to have problem with Mr. Harris?”

“I don’t think so. My grandfather build the Sports Complex and I continue in his philanthropic giving. I have more money than Harris.”

Josh’s mouth dropped. “Then why are you coaching?

“Because I enjoy it.”


The two coaches dropped Jensen off at the Art’s building and headed back to work.


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