If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 17: Saturday and Very Early Sunday


These characters seem to be telling their own story. Stuff is happening that was not in my plans. Point: Danneel was not supposed to show up again until Halloween and she’s getting move vindictive. I’ll be adding two more to the tags.

Chapter Text

Jensen and Jared stopped at Denny’s for their usual Saturday morning breakfast date. Both men were beginning to think of it in those terms. At home, Jared read the paper; sometimes reading an article to the other. Jensen remained quiet, giving his companion the peace he seemed to crave in the mornings. But at Denny’s Jared was very talkative. Jensen had discovered how well read and knowledgeable the man was. He enjoyed these times.

Alan and Josh walked into the restaurant. Seeing them, Jared stood up and waved them over. Saturdays meant a line of people waiting for seats.

The four men enjoyed their breakfast. It had been a long time since the Ackles men could have a meal together, sans the Ackles women. Jared picked up on this and followed their lead in the conversation.

After the meal, the four drove to the college. Alan, Jensen, and Gus found seats in the bleachers. Alan went to get two cups of coffee. They had an hour to wait, but people were arriving early to find good seats. Ellen and her family arrived. She introduced her husband, William, and her daughter, Jo, to Jensen. Alan was introduced to the Harvelles. Ellen told her family about Jensen’s being accepted for the art’s competition. Alan looked surprised.


“Dad, no one at home believed I was any good and wasted my time majoring in art.”

Alan looked at Ellen, “How good is he?”

The woman looked at the two men. “He should have been encouraged more. I’m lucky to have him teaching in my department. He’s highly talented.”

“I’m sorry about this Jensen, but how can he be? He’s blind.”

Ellen looked at the younger man, “Tell him how you can see, Jensen.”

The older man looked at his son, expectantly. Jensen had turned white.

“Go ahead, Son.”

“I can tell what things look like by smelling and hearing them; but mostly, by touch. I saw what Jared looked like last night.”

“He knows what I look like,” Ellen interjected.


“Yes, Dad,” Jensen answered softly.

“You never asked anyone in the family how they looked.”

“I’ve seen Josh and Mac.”

“But not your Mother or me?”

“Would you ask Mom to let you run your hands and fingers all over her face?”

“No. I guess I wouldn’t. Would you like to see me?”

“Really?” Jensen’s voice choked.

“Yes. It’s past time you knew what your father looked like.”

Jensen slowly reached out and touched his father’s face. He ran his hands over it, almost a caress. His fingers traced the lines around the eyes. As in Jared, he felt the shape of the nose and ended up at the lips. He backed off and was quiet, tears going down his face.

“Are you okay?”

“Josh and Mac don’t look much like you.”

“They take after your mother’s side of the family. You do too.”

“Oh,” came the soft reply.

Alan changed the subject back to Jensen’s art and the two families talked for the remainder of the waiting time.

The games went on for hours. Twice Jared came into the bleachers to check on everyone. They bought lunch and snacks at the concession stand due to the large number of people in the complex. No one wanted to lose their seats.

At eleven in the evening the final game was over. Their team was the winner. Alan told everyone that it made for a promising year.

Alan and Jensen left the Harvelles and headed toward the coaches’ offices. Alan noticed Danneel and her friend standing in the hall.

“I believe you are in the wrong hallway.”

She stared at both men, giving Jensen a slow look over.

“I think I understand what he sees in you. He really wants a virgin. Wow! Who would have believed it.”

“I think you need to go,” Alan interrupted.

“How would you know what I am?”

Danneel turned back to look at Jensen.

“You’re pretty enough to be someone’s slut by now, but Jared is the first person you’ve ever been seen with.”

Danneel turned to Alan, “You’re family really protected him. He’s like Sleeping Beauty waiting to be awakened with a kiss.”

“I’m reporting you on Monday,” Jensen said sternly.

“No, you won’t. You don’t have the cojones.”

“I do,” said Jared and Josh in unison.

Danneel hurried away. The four men watched the two women turn into the main corridor and disappear.

“How long does this need to go on?” Alan asked.

“I’ll take care of it, Dad,” Jensen answered.

“We all three will,” Jared responded.

The four men went back to Denny’s. It was after midnight and nothing else was open. As they left the restaurant, Alan invited them to church.

“We’ve found a church, Dad. Thank you though.”


It was two in the morning when the two men reached home. Jared watched Jensen take Gus for a long walk. He looked at his watch. It was only five hours until Jensen’s alarm would go off. Jensen would still want to take a shower.

When Jensen and Gus entered the house, Jared was waiting. He could see the look of exhaustion and more on the man’s face.

“Can we talk?”

The shorter man was kneeling down, playing with Gus. He looked up at his companion.


“It’s almost 2:30 in the morning. I think we should stay home tomorrow. I have someone coming around three to look over one of the barns for a renovation. I’ll make a big pot of soup and we can have it with cornbread with enough leftovers to feed us for a week.”

Jensen was still and the other man could tell he was thinking.

“All right, he answered.

Jared was surprised that the man didn’t ask about the renovation or which barn?

“Let’s head on to bed. Showers in the morning. You look exhausted.”

“Do I?”

“Why do you ask that?”

“It’s not the type of comment I usually get about my looks.”

“Oh? I can imagine what they are.”

“Really? What?”

“That you should have been a girl. That you’re too beautiful to be a man. Let me tell you something. You may be those things to some, but you are every inch a man in my book.”

Jensen turned a shade of scarlet. He bit his bottom lip, eyes closed.



“I…er…I …um,” He quickly rose to his feet. “I’m going to go to bed.”

Jared watched the man he loved hurry out of the room, followed by a large golden dog. He grinned. Jensen’s response, or lack there of, was adorable.


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