If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 24: Jensen’s Studio

Notes: This is a short chapter…more of an interlude. It is an important one. lol

For the next two weeks, Jensen spent every free minute working on his new sculpture. He had chosen a light green marble and put it on a table on the platform for the piece.

When Jared got home in the evening, the two would enjoy dinner together and read or listen to music in the media room.

The Saturday of the second week, Ellen drove to their house. She rang the doorbell. Jared answered the door and welcomed her inside.

“Jensen said that if I was in the area that I should stop by and see his new studio. Is he around?”

“He lives there, I think,” Jared teased.

“On your days off?”

“I had some work to do for Monday and told him go out there and keep busy. Come on. I’ll take you out there.”

The two walked towards the huge round barn. About twenty feet away, they started hearing music.

“That’s loud, Jared.”

“Yeah, it is.”

Jared knocked on the door, but the music was blaring so loud Jensen couldn’t hear it. The coach opened the door, stepped inside, and froze.

Jensen had an Elvis Presley Live CD in the stereo and was blaring it as loud as he could get it. He was working part of the time on a block of marble. Most of the time, he was dancing with Gus running in circles around him.

Jared watched him sway to the music and then move in a very sensual way. When he began to move his hips in an erotic fashion, Ellen got a grin on her face. She looked up at the man next to her and thought, ‘He’s gonna come all over himself just from watching the boy.’

Suddenly, Jared walked over and turned the music down. Jensen stopped immediately and turned bright red.


“Yeah, Jen.”

“Uh…I wasn’t expecting anyone.”

“I figured as much,” Ellen commented.


At that point, the woman broke out in laughter.

“I’ll leave you two to visit and head back to my work,” Jared stated.

Ellen walked around the studio. She was impressed by what Jared had designed for her friend. Jensen stood and listened to her movements. He quietly waited on her to give her approval.

“This is nice, Jensen. He’s good to you.”

“Yes, he is. I wish…”

“What, hon.”

I just wish I could give him something in return.”

“Why don’t you dance for him?”


“Dance, Jensen. You have some moves, boy. With a little help, you could really put on a show.”

“You’re joking.”

“No, I imagine he’s in the house right now, jerking off. You were quite hot.”

Jensen turned a brilliant shade of red.

“I’m going to stick around every afternoon, teach you the moves to an Elvis song and you can perform it. Lip sync…the whole she bang.”

Jensen stood there in shock, “Exactly when am I supposed to do this?”

“At the Halloween party.”


“You heard me.”

“Ellen, the Dean, the Board of Regents, their spouses, fellow teachers, and our students will be there. I’ll never live it down.”

“I wouldn’t say that. I think you’ll be something they will never forget.”

“That’s what I’m afraid of.”


The next two weeks, Jensen worked hard on the dance. They final took it outside on the patio. Ellen wanted to make sure he had it down so he would not fall into the pool.

On the Friday, before Halloween, they stopped at the costume shop. The man had two Elvis one pieces that were in Jensen’s size. He tried on the pale blue and then the shimmery gold with Ellen making him move around in them.

She turned to the clerk and said, “We’ll take the gold.”

Jensen swallowed hard. He was shy and had no idea how he was going to get through this.

Ellen dropped him off at his house and he and Gus took the suit to the studio and he hung it on a hook on the wall.


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