If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 25: The Halloween Party

Chapter Text

Chapter Text

Jensen was up early Saturday morning, the thirty-first of October. It was Halloween and he was a nervous wreck. He put Gus’ leash on him and the two went for a long walk. He listened to the wind through the trees and a few birds were singing.

On their way back to the house, Jensen heard Gus give a light yip and start to whine. He touched the dog and could feel him wiggling. He stood up and waited. Jared jogged towards the two and stopped.

“There you are. I was looking for you.”

“I just felt the need for a long walk this morning. Are we going into town as usual?”

“Breakfast, check on the caterer, and pick up our costumes,” Jared replied, looking at the man in front of him. Jensen’s cheeks were windblown and his hair mussed up. He looked good. The most important thing to Jared was the man looked happy.

“I guess we need to give the house a once over. Dust and sweep everywhere.”

“It would be a good idea. We usually do that on Saturday, anyway.”

“Are you ready to go?”

“Yeah, Jen. You?”

“I need to feed Gus, but yes.”


Early afternoon found the truck pulling into the garage. Jensen immediately took Gus for a walk and the two were gone for about fifteen minutes. Jared brought in a bag of batteries and the two Texas Ranger costumes into the house. Jensen and Gus entered by the side door and Gus went running through the house, checking everything. Jared watched the professor head towards his room to change.

Both men were wearing shorts, tee shirts, and tennis shoes. They went through the house, dusting, sweeping, and mopping floors. Jared did laundry. At 3:25, they sat down on the patio and had a sandwich and tea.

“Will this be your first party?”

“Besides church parties, yes.”

“Make sure you eat plenty of food and try not to drink too many alcoholic beverages. Hangovers can be a bitch.”


At 6:30, Jared placed batteries into the blinking light fixtures he’d bought to place in the jack ‘o lanterns. He turned on the porch and side lights. The outdoor speakers were on the patio and horror noises were coming out of them. The caterer had arrived and the bartender. Tables were set up for both. Gus wore a pumpkin costume. Jensen and Jared looked like old west Texas Rangers.


At 7:00, the guests began to arrive. Jared met them at the door and Jensen showed them around the house and the patio. Soon they had a crowd at the estate.

For a while, Jared kept an eye on Jensen, but the man seemed to be doing fine. His brother and sister had arrived and he was talking with them. William and Ellen Harvelle and their daughter, Jo, had come. Jo and MacKenzie hit it off and went looking for guys to dance with.

The Harris family arrived with Dean Beaver. Jared had not wanted to invite Danneel Harris, but her father was on the Board of Regents and he had not wished to slight the man. He watched the young woman make her way into the crowd as he shook hands with her father and mother.

The deejay who was handling the music kept everything upbeat. Soon the adults were dancing as well as the students.

Jensen walked around and people would include him in their conversations. He was having a nice time except for the nerves he was feeling.

At 8:45, Ellen found him and touched his shoulder. He turned, a questioning look on his face.

“It’s time.”

“Do I have to?”



“Come on.”

Jensen sighed and led Ellen out of the patio, through the back gate, and towards his studio. As they entered, Ellen handed him a pair of boxer briefs.

“What are these for?”

“Well, you can’t wear boxers beneath that body suit.”

“But with these I can’t hide anything.”

“That’s the idea.”

Jensen groaned, took the underwear and went into the studio.

“Remember, come back on the patio from the driveway gate. Walk through the crowd. The deejay will be playing Elvis’ theme song. Take your place and I’ll tell the deejay when to start the song.


“Don’t forget to put that black scarf around your neck.”

“Oh, man.”

Jensen heard Ellen’s laughter has she walked away. He hung his ranger outfit on a hanger and placed the hat, boots, and gun on his desk. He traded out underwear, and put on the gold one piece. Sitting down, he put on the black shoes and wrapped the black scarf around his neck. The jumpsuit felt almost cloying as it clung to every inch of his body. He had it zipped part of the way down his chest.

Walking towards the garage, only one thought went through his mind, ’What the hell am I doing?’


Ellen walked up to the deejay and handed him two CDs and quietly explained what was going to happen. He grinned and placed the first CD into his player.

Jared had just walked outside with Dean Beaver and his wife. He looked around for Jensen but couldn’t spot him anywhere. He saw Ellen dragging Gus by the collar towards him.

“Ellen, what are you doing?”

“He can’t be allowed to trip up Jensen,” the woman answered as she put the dog in the house.

At that moment, the deejay spoke into his mic and said, “Ladies and Gentlemen. For your entertainment pleasure, the one and only…..Jensen Ackles!”

For one second a pin could have been heard dropping. Suddenly the intro music began to play and Jensen entered the patio.

“What the f….?”

“Enjoy it, Jared. I’m sure the ladies will,” Ellen teased.

Jensen reached the staging area set up for dancing and the music changed to the intro of “Burning Love.” He moved around the stage, lip syncing the song. Within seconds, women were surrounding the area. The young professor moved with an easy grace to the music his hips began to sway as he sang. When the song reached its pinnacle he was almost literally moving his hips as if he were humping someone. Each time the word, ‘hunk came out of the PA, Jensen’s hips pushed forward. The women were going wild. Jared was watching professors, students, and society women all trying to grab Jensen.

He wanted to pull the man off the stage but he was mesmerized by those gyrating and almost pulverizing movements. He was hot. God, what had Jensen done?

When the music was over, Jensen bowed and struggled to find a way back to the house, but the women were having none of it. Hands were reaching out, touching him, and he felt a sense of panic. It took Jared a small amount of time to reach the man he loved. He put his hand on Jensen’s back and eased him through the crowd. It took a while for the crowd to calm down. Jared finally managed to get Jensen inside the house, but knew they would probably be followed. He dragged Jensen into his office, shut the door behind them, and spun the man around.

“I promised myself I wouldn’t do this until I knew you were ready, but what you just did…” Jared grabbed Jensen into his arms and ravaged his mouth. Jensen froze, not sure what to do. He was drowning in the kiss and Jared was not coming up for air. Suddenly, something snapped inside of the man. He opened his mouth wider, allowing Jared more room and his tongue began to fight back. He took Jared by surprise, and the two men dueled for quite a while before Jared finally regained control.

He looked at the smaller man, “You…I….Jensen. Don’t ever do that in public again. Please. Keep that just for me.”

Jensen smiled, “I think I can do that.


The party was beginning to wind down. Jensen walked out onto the front porch and sat down on a glider. The crowd was getting to be more than he could handle. He had suddenly become overwhelmingly popular with the women and wasn’t sure how to handle it. Someone sat on the glider next to him.

“Hello, Jensen.”


“Yes. You surprised me tonight.”

Jensen began to get up but the young woman grabbed his arm and pulled him down. She climbed into his lap and began to kiss him. He pushed her off and got up. He heard cloth rip.

Danneel screamed, “Help! Rape!”

Several of the older adults were in the house and heard the scream. Dean Beaver, Danneel’s father, and Jared ran outside. Jensen was standing as far away from the woman as he could get. She had a ripped blouse; her lipstick was smeared and all over Jensen’s lips.

“He tried to rape me!”

“I only pushed her off of me!”

“My daughter has been getting the blame for harassment and all the time it was you?”

“Jared, I didn’t do anything.”

“He didn’t touch her, Coach.”

One of the basketball players came out of the shadows with Genevieve Cortese. Danneel looked shocked.

Dean Beaver looked at the boy. “What were you two doing out here?”

“We’ve been dating. Gen has been upset over Danneel’s actions and told me she was going to ruin Professor Ackles’ name. We thought he might need a witness.”

Dean Beaver looked at the young woman and then her father. “Her scholarship is pulled, and she’s no longer welcome at our college. I’m sorry.”

Mr. Harris turned to Jensen, “I am so sorry for what my daughter has put you through. I will be sending her to a Catholic school at a convent. She will no longer be bothering anyone.”

“Dad, you can’t do that!”

“We’ll go home now, and we’ll get your things tomorrow. Again, gentlemen, you have my regrets and apologies. Come, Danneel.”

Soon everyone went inside except Jensen and Jared. Jared pulled his companion onto the glider next to him and held him close.

“It’s over, Jen. She’s won’t be back.”

Jensen laid his head against Jared’s chest and trembled. The man’s large arms went around him and eased the tremors. They sat there for a while.

“We need to say good bye to our guests and you need a good night’s sleep.”


It was after midnight when all the guests were gone. The caterers and the bartender were cleaning up. The deejay accepted his check and was gone.

At one in the morning, Jared walked Jensen to his room and opened the door and led Jensen in. He undressed the man and helped him get into bed. Pulling the covers over him, he gently kissed his forehead and said goodnight.


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