If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 27: The First Week of November


This is one of the shorter chapters. It is more of an interlude.

Chapter Text

Jared put in a lot of hours working with the team. He was getting home around 9 at night. Jensen tried staying at the sports complex, but it was just too tiring for him. He started riding home with Ellen or one of the other professors.

Friday night found the sculptor in his studio working on the body of Jared. He lost track of time. Gus slept on his pallet by the desk. A local radio station was playing country music.

Jensen ran his hands over the work, feeling for any roughness. He wiped it down with a polishing cloth. Placing his hands flat on his lower back, he attempted to stretch. He’d been spending a lot of long hours on the project. He smiled in contentment. It was finished.

Jensen was tired. He turned off the radio and walked towards the exit, calling for Gus to come. The two walked the sidewalk to the side of the garage and entered the house through the side door. Jensen unleashed the dog and turned on some lights so Jared would be able to see when he got home. He touched his watch and the time was 8:45. The sculptor went to his room and undressed, placing the work clothes in the laundry bin. Grabbing a pair of boxers and a tee shirt, the man crossed the hall to his bathroom.


Jared walked through the side door and set the takeout on the table in the breakfast nook. He could hear the shower going in the bathroom as he walked down the hall. He had a free weekend with no tournaments and was glad.

Jensen dried off and put on his boxers and teeshirt. He placed his feet into a pair of flipflops and entered the hallway. Walking into the family room, he sat on the couch. He enjoyed curling up on it. Gus sprawled in front of the fireplace.

Jared entered the family room and leaned over the couch and blew on the older man’s neck. He watched him shiver.

“Welcome home,” came a soft whisper.

“Thank you, Jen. I brought home two Caesar salads, two orders of shrimp scampi, fries, those incredible biscuits from Red Lobster and there’s a gallon of sweet tea in the fridge.”

“That sounds good, Jare.”

The two men headed towards the kitchen where Jensen grabbed glasses, plates, silverware, and napkins. Jared took the tea out of the refrigerator and they headed to the other room.

The meal was leisurely. Both men were tired. Conversation turned to how their days went. Jared informed his companion he did not have to work on the weekend. He got a smile for his effort.

The shorter of the two took a sip of his tea and a deep breath. “It’s finished.”

Jared looked up, “You’re piece?”

Jensen nodded and answered, “Yes. You’ll be the first to see it.”

“I’m honored.”

“I want to invite Ellen over to see it. I may call Misha Collins and see if he might be interested in making a bid on it.”

“You’re going to sell it,” the coach commented.

“Shouldn’t I?”

“Yeah, I guess.”

“You’d rather I didn’t because we’re in it?”

“Well, yeah. I’d like to buy this one. What are you planning to ask for it?”

Jensen blushed. “Well, after the bidding, I thought, maybe five thousand would be a good price. It’s not an award winner but I think it’s pretty good.”

“I’ll pay that. I want to own the first piece you ever did of the two of us.”

“Where would you put it?”

“There is a beautiful glass table in the private dining room. I know you bought some kind of green marble. The room is in dark walnut, glass, and the color is shades of green. I want to take the walnut candelabra off the glass table and put the statue on it.”

“You don’t have to buy it. We both live here. It’s a gift.”

“No, Jen. You worked hard on that.”

“Yeah, I did, but this gives me a chance to give back. Collins can see the next piece I do.”

The coach grinned. The two men cleaned up. They walked into the family room. Jared sat on the couch and told Jensen to lay back with his head in his lap. He watched the older man turn red, but noted that he had no problem doing as the coach asked him. They sat quietly, the taller man softly running his fingers through the smaller one’s hair.

They sat there for well over an hour, when Jared finally suggested that they head on to bed. As they walked down the hall, Jensen grabbed the younger man’s arm. Jared stopped and looked over at him.

“What is it, Jen?”

“I don’t want to be alone tonight.”

Jared took Jensen’s hand and softly said, “Come.”


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