If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 32: Saturday Morning


I apologize for such a long wait. My pain levels have been skyrocketing lately. It brought back the depression and anxiety. I just wasn’t able to write. My daughter, LadyLaran, is now my beta. I will be doing the same for her works.

This is another short chapter or interlude. I felt this needed to happen before anything else occurred.

Thank you for reading. Please remember that comments are so highly appreciated.

Chapter Text

Jensen had automatically followed Jared to his bedroom on Friday night. The coach had smiled and spooned the man for the remainder of the night.


Jensen woke when Jared’s alarm went off. Jared went jogging, and the older man and Gus took their morning walk. When he reached the side door, he unleashed the dog and walked into the kitchen to feed and water his companion. After putting on a pot of coffee, the sculptor went out front to grab the newspaper. After setting the paper at Jared’s seat, the man walked into the kitchen, stopped, and listened. Someone was fixing a cup of coffee. He waited.

“Good morning, Jensen. How do you take your coffee,” Sherri asked.

“Black. Thank you, Mrs. Padalecki?”

“That won’t do, Jensen. You have to call us by our first names.”

“Yes, ma’am. I’m sorry,” the younger man replied.

“Don’t be. Let’s take our coffee and go sit on the patio. It’s a little chilly but not bad.”

The two of them and Gus went outside. They were quiet for a while as Sherri watched the young man. She found his shyness delightful. He was different then her son’s former relationships. He was quiet, and his innocence was attractive on him. She could tell he was still an innocent but wondered how far Jared had gone. It had been almost a full three months.

Jensen broke the silence. “My mother doesn’t like Jared. She told me he was bisexual.”

Sherri thought over the comment, and wondered where this was going. “How did you react to that?”

“I kicked her out,” came a soft response.

“I imagine that was difficult for you. She is your mother.”

“She gave birth to me, but she always made me feel that she had to give up so much because of me….that I was a burden.”

“Jensen, you do know you are no burden to my son? He loves you so very much.”

“He told me that.”

Sherri watched the sculptor’s hands shake as he picked up his coffee.

“Do you love him?”

Sherri Padalecki saw something very few people had been blessed to see. Jensen’s face lit up, and a slight smile crossed his features with his eyes crinkling at the corners.

“Yes, Ma’am. I do.”

“Now that is good news, Jensen. Have you told him?”

“Last week, when Steve Amell came to visit.”

“I hope he didn’t stay long.”

“He didn’t, Mom,” Jared whispered from behind the two. The shorter of the two men jumped up and went into the taller’s arms. Sherri watched her son as he gently moved is hands in a circular motion around the older man’s back.

“Why don’t we get our showers and do our shopping? Two week’s worth of groceries will take a while.”


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