If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 39: Donna


I’m sorry that this is another short chapter but it is what Sherri and Jensen shared with me. We will not see Donna again, but she will be mentioned as the aftermath of her visit unfolds.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Chapter Text

Jensen was feeling a little better the next morning. He sat at his desk and went through his emails. His transcription program was reading one from Ellen when the doorbell rang, and the young man froze.


Sherri opened the door to see two women standing on the large porch. She opened the door wide and invited the ladies inside. Donna and MacKenzie were taken into the large family room and offered the recliners. Donna sat on the couch, but her daughter gladly accepted one of the more comfortable seats.

Megan brought in soup bowls and salad plates along with cups of hot tea. Donna left her food on the coffee table and looked at Jared’s mother.

“Why are we being invited to Thanksgiving?”

“Mom!” Jensen’s sister exclaimed. “Dad said play nice.”

Mrs. Ackles glared daggers at her daughter, who picked up a salad and attempted to ignore her parent. Donna turned back to Sherri.


“Why don’t we eat first, Donna? Then we can talk.”

“I did not give you leave to call me Donna; I am Ms. Ackles.”

Jared’s mom frowned but said nothing.

“Can you answer my question? If not, I’ll call Jensen.”

“He’s not feeling well enough to take calls,” Megan said without thinking.

“Jensen is sick? Why wasn’t I informed?”

“Jared did not think it was a good idea.”

“That ‘man’ is not his family. I am. What room is he in?”

“I’m not going to let you see him, Donna. The doctor said no stress; he is still not well enough to avoid a relapse.”

“Well, you have no say so over that decision,” Jensen’s mother stated as she rose to her feet and headed towards the hallway.
Sherri followed her and yelled to Jensen to lock his door. Donna reached her son’s bedroom before he could get up and move to the doorway.

Opening the door, the woman stepped inside. She stood there facing her son.

“You don’t look sick to me. I should have known it was for attention.”

“He had a high fever, vomiting, and was delirious. Dr. Turner had a full time nurse here.”

“Here? Turner? That is pure incompetence.”

“Mother,” a raspy voice interrupted her tirade.

“I raised you better than to speak when others are talking.”

Jensen moved slowly towards his mother’s voice. Gus jumped off the chair and ran to his master.

“Keep that mutt away from me.”

“This is my room; Gus is my dog. I pay half the bills here so this is my home. You were invited here to plan a family gathering for which you are no longer invited. Get the hell out of my house!”

“Jensen,” Donna shouted.

“You heard me! I’ll have Mom call the police and have them escort you off the property. I’ll get my lawyer, and we’ll have a peace bond put on you. If you don’t want to be embarrassed, get out now!”

Mrs. Ackles turned, calling her daughter, and the two of them left the house.

Jensen stood in shock. Sherri saw how bad he was trembling, and she put her arms around him, turning him towards his bed. They made three steps when his legs gave way, and he collapsed.

“Megan! Call Jared, your father, and Dr. Turner! Now!”

Jared’s mother sat on the floor, holding the young man in her arms. He started sobbing and began to shake violently. The older woman ran a hand through the mussed up hair and kissed his forehead.

“Sshhh…it’s all right, son,” she whispered. After all, he had called her ‘Mom.’ He was now her son; she kept him in her arms, cudding him.


Cars seemed to be coming from everywhere. Jared ran into the side door and yelled the professor’s name. Behind him came Jeff, Gerry, and the doctor.

The coach fell to his knees beside his love, pulling him out of his mother’s arms and into his lap. Dr. Turner knelt down and took the young man’s vitals.

“I recommend complete quiet for the remainder of today and through the weekend. Let him have what he wants to eat. Let’s see if we can’t put a little color back on his face and calm him down.”

“I want to know what happened,” Jared demanded firmly.

Sherri gave a minute by minute replay of the entire confrontation, and Jensen shuddered.

Jared kissed the top of his head and murmured, “I’m so sorry, Jen. You were right; Mom and I should have respected your wishes. Donna Ackles will never be in this house again.”

The sculptor was lifted to his feet, and the coach helped him get into bed, giving him the light sedative the doctor left for him. Everyone left the room as the younger man stripped to his boxers and climbed into bed, calling the dog. Gus jumped up on the foot of the bed and laid his head on Jensen’s ankles. The three of them fell asleep.


Thank you so much for reading this story. Remember that kudos are fantastic but comments are food for my soul.


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