If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 41: Monday Morning

Chapter Text


Warning! This chapter has explicit content towards the end. If you do not like such content skip the remainder of the story when the whirlpool scene starts.

Chapter Text

The college would close for Thanksgiving after a half day on Wednesday. Jensen felt able to return to work before the holiday began. He listened to Jared’s arguments, smiled softly, and met him for breakfast, that morning.


“I’m all right. Gus and I have been for a long walk. I feel a little weak, but I can sit. If I find that I can’t do it, I’ll call Mom.”


Jared let the professor off at the art building and reminded him to stay indoors. Jensen smiled at him, leaned into the cab and said, “I love you, too.”

The coach did not pull out of the parking lot until the older man was inside the building. Grabbing his phone, he dialed Ellen Harvelle.


“Jensen just entered the building.”

“Seriously? All right, I’ll keep an eye on him to make sure he doesn’t overdo himself. Take care, Jared.”

“You too.”


Jensen’s two classes ran smoothly, and his students were glad to have him back. He went over their assignments and checked what was done on their projects. They spent the rest of the class discussing where to find materials and how to set up a studio.

The professor had lunch alone as Jared had a very busy day. At 3:30, he was outside waiting for Sherri. He and Gus climbed into her van, and the sculptor sighed.

“Take a lot out of you,” the older woman asked.

“Yes, ma’am. I didn’t realize just how weak I really am.”

“Well, a crate arrived today and it was from overseas. I assumed it was probably marble so I had them take it to your studio.”

“It took longer this time. I didn’t order right away since I wasn’t sure what I was going to do next. I got a call from the man who had bid on my piece at the art museum contest. He requested that I do a piece for him of his daughter.”

“Have you met her?”

“He brought her by my classroom one afternoon. She’s five-years old. He wants a bust of her about mid-chest up. I had to spend some time looking at her. I asked her coloring.”

“What color is the marble?”

“It’s an off-white with pink and gray striations in it.”

“That should be beautiful,” she replied.

“I’ll change into something warmer and work on my setup for it today.”

“Are you sure?”

“Yeah, he wants it for his wife for Christmas so I have a lot of work to do.”


Jared walked in through the side door as he always did. It was almost 6:30 and dark outside. He stopped and sniffed the air. It seemed Mom had made a pot roast. Smiling, he noted that the table was set. Walking into the family room, he greeted everyone and looked around.

“Where’s Jen?”

“In his studio, hon. He got a piece of marble in today.”

“Too soon,” the coach exclaimed as he headed outside again.

Gerry looked at his wife. “Jensen gonna give in?”

“I don’t think so. You know how much basketball is Jared’s passion?”

“It’s why he’s coaching when he’s a millionaire.”

“This is Jensen’s passion.”

Gerry stared in silence for a moment and spoke softly. “That studio may be a warzone in a few minutes.”

“Well, I’m hoping our son has matured enough in his relationship to not give ultimatums. Jensen lives and breathes his art. I could tell when I brought out some coffee a while ago. He was running his hands over the marble.”

“Why did he do that?”

“He told me he was seeing the little girl in the stone…feeling her.”

Her husband gave her a confused expression.

“Don’t ask me, Gerry. I’m not a blind sculptor. I have no idea how he decides what happens with a piece. In a strange way, it made sense.”


Jared could hear music blasting from the studio. He never understood the sculptor’s need for such a loud sound. It was almost as if he bathed himself in it as he worked…as if the music flowed through him and helped him work his magic.

He opened the door, and Gus moved from his bed to greet him. Kneeling down, the younger man ran his fingers over the golden’s thickened coat. Looking up, he watched Jensen slowly chipping excess marble off the block that was situated on the table on the dais he had in the center of the room.

Walking over to the counter on the far end of the room, he lowered the volume on the player. The older man’s hands faltered, and he stopped.


“Hi, hon. What are you creating?”

“I have a commission for a bust for Christmas.”

“Why didn’t you tell me?”

“So much happened, I never got around to it. I’m sorry.”

“How much are they paying?”

“Five thousand,” the artist replied.


“Yeah. It’s the guy who lost the bid on my piece to the museum. He wants one of his daughter for his wife.”

“At least it’s warm in here. Grab your coat; dinner is about ready. Leave the heat on if you plan to do this every day. It will take too long to reheat this place on a daily basis.”

Jensen got his coat, put the leash on Gus, and joined Jared at the door. The coach leaned down and kissed the smaller man.

“I missed you,” Jensen whispered.

“I missed you too, hon.” Jared put his hand in the middle of the older man’s back, and the three of them walked to the house.


The family enjoyed the meal, and the women cleaned up after. Jensen headed to his room to scan papers into his reader program on the computer. He spent the remainder of the evening grading the tests.

Jared said good night to his family and headed down the hall. He went to his room and grabbed some sweats and a tee-shirt. Walking back down the hall, he entered the older man’s bedroom and set his clothes on the bed.

Leaning over the man’s shoulder, he nuzzled into Jensen’s neck and bit lightly. The older man’s breath hitched.

“I thought we could share a nice, hot whirlpool bath together. See what happens.”


“Yeah. I’ll go and get it ready. Everyone’s upstairs.”


Jared was leaning against one of the sides of the tub, his legs stretched out, ready to welcome his companion. It had been a long while since they had spent time in an intimate way. He knew that Jensen was nowhere near ready for intercourse. In fact, he had decided to keep the man a virgin for their wedding night. He was planning a special night for each part of their relationship. Tonight was just to be intimate and to relax together.

The door opened and Jensen entered the room. He was wearing his boxers and nothing else. The younger man smiled.

“Come on over, and I’ll help you get situated.”

Jared took the soap and rubbed it over the older man’s body and slowly massaged as he bathed him. The coach grew excited when the sculptor took the soap and began to bathe him. He leaned his head back and watched the man through the slits of his eyes.

When the bathing was done, Jared pulled Jensen into his lap, reached down and softly touched the muscle between the man’s legs. A soft gasp escaped the professor’s lips. The younger man began to work the penis; his hands feeling it engorge as he put his other arm around the older man’s waste, holding him still.
Jensen felt his balls tighten, and his breath came faster. Soft moans escaped his lips. Jared knew the man was close and leaned into his neck and bit him slightly, drawing a small amount of blood. He heard Jensen cry out, and cum erupted from him.

The coach held the man until he calmed down. He leaned in and licked where he bit the sculptor.

“Let’s go to bed.”

“No,” moaned the older man. “What about you?”

“I’m fine.”

“No, I was doing some research and I want to try something.”


Jensen grabbed for a towel and began to dry off. He left Jared in the bathroom and walked across the hall to his room.

When the younger man entered the room, he saw the blankets pulled down and Jensen was on his knees at the foot of the bed. He was naked.


“Lay down, Jar.”

The coach laid on the bed, and the professor spread his legs and leaned in towards his crotch. Jared almost came up off the bed when the older man’s tongue licked from the bottom to the top of the nerve bundle on his cock.

“Oh my god!”

Jensen took time to lick his balls, his cock and probe the slit on his penis with his tongue. Suddenly, his mouth took the entire shaft and swallowed it down. Jared came up off the bed a second time. He tried to talk the older man out of his course of action, but the words wouldn’t come. He was too busy moaning. It took a little while to get the rhythm right but there was no doubt about it…Jensen was a natural.

When his balls tightened and he felt himself reaching the peak, Jared tried to warn the sculptor. The man began to pull a slight suction as he worked and swallowed. Suddenly, Jared cried out and cum flooded the older man’s mouth. He felt him swallow as his mouth was filled. Jensen lapped up any cum that was missed and licked his love clean.

Leaning down, the professor pulled up the blankets and cuddled close to his lover. They both went to sleep.


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