If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 42: Jared’s Question


This one is special

Chapter Text

Jared informed the family Tuesday night that he had an errand to run after school let out early the next day. Sherri said she would come get Jensen. The coach could tell that his professor was curious, but he had no intention of telling him.

Everyone went to bed early since there would be a lot of preparation for Thursday and Thanksgiving dinner. The Ackles were coming, and the formal dining room needed to be prepared.


Jensen had brought a huge thermos of homemade hot chocolate and pumpkin spice cookies for his morning class. They visited and discussed holiday plans. Everyone enjoyed the time. Their professor wished them a happy holiday and four day weekend. He would see them on Monday.

He and Gus walked outside as he had dismissed the class early. They walked along the park on the other side of the road. The sculptor cleaned up after his dog and put it in a trash container.

He heard a horn and someone call his name. Gus led him towards the van where Jeff and Gerry were waiting for him. The talk on the way home turned to Jensen’s new project.

“When you have the time, would you show us how you see what you sculpt? Sherri told me you were running your hands over the block of marble and seeing the little girl in it. We would really like to understand how you see.”

“I will show you this evening after everyone has settled down for the day. The marble is different in a way. I will try to explain that also.”

“Did anyone figure out where Jared was going today? I thought all the shopping was over,” Jeff asked.

None of the three had any idea at all what the coach was up to. They would just have to wait.


Jared entered the store and walked up to a gentleman behind the glass counter. The man looked up at him and then at the worn jeans, faded tee shirt and basketball jacket he wore.

“May I help you?”

“I would like to look at men’s wedding bands and a matching band with an emerald and diamonds on it.”

“May I recommend the jeweler on Austin Street? They have discount rings.”

“I’d like to speak to the manager,” Jared’s voice went from friendly to incredibly harsh.

One of the ladies in the back went for the manager. Jared stared at him, reached into his back pocket, and pulled out his driver’s license and platinum Master Card from his wallet.

“Your salesman doesn’t think I can afford to be here. Do these get me entrance?”

The manager looked at the license and card, and his eyes grew large.

“Padalecki? As in the Padaleckis who own half the property north of town and that massive house? The ones who built the athletic complex at the college?”

“That’s me. I told your man what I want. You can use this college senior ring to size two of them. Here’s mine to be sized for the other plain band. I want Jensen and Jared with a heart between them engraved inside the two bands.”

“Do you have a limit?”

“Price is no object.”

“All three are men’s rings?”

“Is that a problem?”

“No, Sir. I’ll handle your order myself.”

It took an hour for the rings to be sized and polished. They were placed in a green and gold velvet box. Jared gave the man his card, and it went through without a hitch.

As he turned to go, the coach looked at the sullen faced salesman. “You know, you can never judge a book by its cover, man. You lost the commission on an 8500 dollar sale. Grow up.” Jared took the bag and headed to his truck and home.


The baking and preparation for the dinner the next day lasted until 5:30 in the evening. The Padalecki boys drove into town and bought take out from the Mexican restaurant Jared had first taken Jensen to. They all enjoyed the meal, and the clean up was easy. Jensen had come in from his studio in time for the meal.

They were all relaxing in the living room when Gerry reminded the sculptor of his request.

“I would really like to know what each of you looks like. I’m going to sit down here on the floor, and those of you who can will take turns sitting in front of me. Gerry, I’ll come to you when I’m finished with them.”

Sherry sat on the floor in front of the young man, and he told her to just relax. He slowly reached up with his hands and touched her face near her forehead. His sensitive fingers caressed over her skin. He felt her hair, how it was worn, he moved over to her ears and down to her neck. His hands went back to her face and felt the shape of her eyes. He moved to see how far from the edges her face the eyes were. He moved down to her cheeks and felt where the bone met the eye socket. He touched her nose and slowly felt every inch of it. Gently, he moved over her lips and caressed over them and felt the shape of them. Finally, he touched her chin and cupped it in his hand feeling how firm it was.

“Jared has some of your features but not a lot of them. Who does he take after?”

“His grandfather,” Sherri whispered.

Jensen did the same thing for the other family members and then sat on the couch next to the man he loved.

“You wanted to know why I touch the marble? I have already touched the little girl like I did to each of you. When I got the marble, I took the time to clean it and polish it. I have her in my mind, and I need to see her in the stone. So, I move my hands over it, feeling her in it. I know where to cut when I start the work on it.”

The room was quiet as Jared’s family took in all that had happened and was said to them.

“That is the most incredible experience I’ve ever had,” Megan replied.

“I understand the magic of it now,” Sherri whispered.

The sculptor remained quiet. He’d bared his soul and felt accepted.


It was cold enough for a fire that evening. Jensen sat on the floor in front of it. Jared looked at his family. He stood up and walked towards the fireplace and his love. Turning, he faced his family and spoke softly.

“I made a decision yesterday. Monday night was very special to me. I made some important choices, and I carried through on one of them today. In this room are all the people I love. One of them is the most important person in my life.”

Jared knelt down in front of the sculptor, “Jensen, I want more of you every day. I want to give you all of me, but it’s not enough if I can’t have all of you.”

The coach reached into his pocket and pulled out the green and gold velvet box. Sherri’s eyes widened, and she motioned for her family to be quiet.

“Jared? What are you saying,” the older man asked.

“Will you marry me?”

The green eyes reflected the glow of the firelight as the tears flooded them. He sniffed and tried to wipe his the tears away.


“Yes, Jared. I want that very much.”

The coach leaned in and kissed the other man, taking his left hand so he could place a ring on the ring finger.

“It’s a masculine engagement ring. It is platinum with an emerald in the center and some smaller diamonds on either side. I have matching platinum bands to go with it with our names engraved on either side of a heart inside the ring.”

Jensen touched the ring and sobbed quietly. He threw himself into the Jared’s arms and the coach held him. The family was excited and everyone was talking. The two men on the floor remained quiet and were caught up in each other.


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