If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 43: Thanksgiving

Chapter Text

The family rose early and drove into town to eat breakfast at Denny’s, which was open for the holiday. The conversation kept coming back to the engagement.

“Jensen and I will have to make plans. We really haven’t discussed it yet.”

“I figured that’s what you did last night,” Megan replied.

Jensen turned bright red, and Sherri changed the subject immediately.

Jared smiled, put an arm around his fiancé and entered into the new conversation.

It took Jensen a few minutes to regain his composure. He knew everyone had a good idea why the wedding wasn’t discussed last night because his blushing had made it plain. He remained quiet which wasn’t unusual for him.


Once they reached the house, he entered the kitchen and asked what he could do.

Sherri hugged him and gave a kiss on his cheek, “Why don’t you go and enjoy yourself in your studio. I imagine the guys are going to watch the Texas/A&M game.”

Grinning, Jensen went to change and grabbed his old jacket. Within a few minutes, he and Gus were gone.


The Ackles arrived early and MacKenzie joined the Padalecki women in the kitchen. Josh and Alan went into the movie room and joined the men watching the game.

“Where’s Jensen?”

“Out in his studio,” Jared responded. “He’s not into football. It’s a lot more difficult to describe to him than basketball. He knows to root for Texas because that’s my alma mater.”

Alan laughed, “Well, being this close to Texas versus the more southern A&M makes it understandable for all of us.”


At 2:00, Jensen came back into the house and removed his jacket.

“Is the game still on?”

“I’m not sure. Why don’t you go join them? Even if you don’t understand it, you can listen to them get angry if A&M wins.”

Jensen laughed, “I got my bachelor’s of art at Texas. I went to an art conservatory for my master’s. I actually thought one time about going back and getting my doctorate, but I just didn’t want the turmoil at home.”

“I’m sorry you were stopped by that. You are an incredible artist, Jensen.”

The young man blushed and softly said, “Thank you.”

“Now go join the guys.”

Jensen smiled and left the room.


He entered the media room during the final quarter of the game. He stood in the back, trying to pinpoint where Jared was. He finally heard him and moved slowly towards his chair. Jared looked up and saw him.

“Come on down the row, Jen,” he said softly.

The professor reached the younger man’s chair and was suddenly grabbed and hauled into the man’s lap. He made himself comfortable and laid his head against Jared’s chest. He could feel his fiancé’s excitement by the beating of his heart.

The game was soon over, and A&M won. The men headed into the family room and lounged on the furniture or the floor to talk. Jensen scooted down on the floor so he could drink his cup of coffee. It was at that moment that the light in the room caused the stones on his ring to flash and sparkle.

“Jensen,” Alan asked.

“Yeah, Dad?”

“May I see your ring?”

The sculptor blushed and rose to his feet, holding his hand out to his father. Alan took his hand into his own and studied the ring. The room was quiet as the man’s grip on the artist’s hand tightened. Jensen’s father looked up and stared at the basketball coach.

“The green matches his eyes.”

“Yes, Sir. That’s why I asked for an emerald.”

“The smaller stones are diamonds?”

“Yes, Sir,” Jared replied remaining as solemn as Alan.

“White gold?”


Alan nodded and stared down at the ring and then into his son’s eyes. Jensen remained quiet, waiting to see what would happen.

“Have you set a date?”

“I asked him last night.”

“That’s why you weren’t told yet,” Jensen replied quickly.

“I want to walk him down that aisle. Find a church that will allow that. My children get married in the church.”

“We have one, Sir. You’ll have plenty of notice.

Alan nodded and pulled his son into his arms. He cried as he held his youngest boy, and Josh stared.

“You’re getting married,” he asked.

“Yeah,” Jared replied.

“Mac! Get in here! Jensen’s getting married!”

It took a while for the excitement to die down, and soon the meal was ready. Jared opened the door to the formal dining room, and the meal was wheeled in on a large serving cart.

Alan looked around the room at the green decorations and his eyes fell upon Jensen’s sculpture. He walked over and stood in front of it.

Sherri stopped behind him. “That was Jensen’s gift to Jared for the house. He wanted something of himself here.”

“It’s beautiful,” Alan said in awe.

Josh and Mac joined them. They remained quiet in respect of their brother’s work.

“Let’s go eat,” Sherri finally said.


Later that evening, after everything had been put away and the Ackles had gone home, Jared dragged Jensen to his room and the two of them cuddled on the bed and talked.

“Do you think we could do a wedding in about four weeks?”

“That’s not long, Jar. What are you thinking?”

“Christmas Eve. I can afford it. We can call the pastor and see if the he and the church are available. Money is no object, and I can make it happen.”

“Okay. I think it would be awesome.”

“That’s not a word I hear you say every day.”

“I just want what you want. I want to be one with you.”

“I’ll make it happen.”


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