If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 44: Beginning Planning


This is definitely a small interlude, but will lead to the next part of the story..

Chapter Text

The family ate breakfast at Denny’s on Sunday morning and went to church. After the service, Jared asked the pastor for a good time to come and talk with him. He was told that the minister could see him on Tuesday at 3:30.

They stopped for lunch at Olive Garden. The family said goodbye in the parking lot, and the Padaleckis headed home to San Antonio. Jared took Jensen home, and the two men relaxed in the family room with Jared sitting on the couch with Jensen’s head in his lap. They began to make wedding plans.

“Since we both work and mom is so far away, why don’t we make an appointment with a wedding planner, tell her what we want, and go from there?”

“That sounds fine to me.”


“Yeah, Jar?”

“After the vows, will you sing,” he asked his lover.


“I’ve heard you. You’ve got a beautiful voice, Jen. I’d like you to sing ‘Love Changes Everything.”

“I’m going to have to think about that. I’ve never sung in public.”

“Think about it, please.”

“All right.”


Monday morning, Jensen’s ring was quickly discovered by the students he taught. It was soon all over the school that the ‘Prof’ was engaged to the hot basketball coach.

Ellen caught wind of it and walked into Jensen’s office at lunch time. “When were you planning on telling me?”

“Ellen? I uh..the only people who knew were our parents. The students found out when they saw the ring. I was going to tell you today.”

“Let me see that damn ring. The kids think it’s worth a fortune.”

“I didn’t ask Jared what it cost. It didn’t seem appropriate.”

Ellen took his left hand and stared at the ring that reposed there. “Wow!”

“Is that good,” the young man asked.

“Damn it, boy! It’s beautiful. He matched your eyes with the emerald.”

“That’s what he told Mom,” Jensen answered.

“Your mother knows?”

“No. I’m calling Sherri ‘Mom. Dad filed for divorce a week ago Friday.”

“And you were going to tell me this when,” she demanded.

“It’s been crazy, Ellen. I was sick before the break. Mom came and raised hell. The whole family was in an uproar. I’m sorry I didn’t tell you.”

“It’s okay, Jensen,” the woman replied. “I want an invite to the wedding.”

“If things go right, it will be Christmas Eve.”

“I like that. Do you need help with any of it?”

“We’re going to get a wedding planner.”

“That’s a good idea,” Ellen told him.

Jared walked into the office, “Hey, Ellen!”

“I like your taste in men, Jared.”

“Thank you. What brought this on?”

Before the woman could say anything, Jensen lifted his hand. Eying the ring, Jared grinned.

“Yeah, Ellen, I know how to pick them.”

“Well, enjoy your lunch. I have a luncheon date with Bill.”

“Have fun,” Jensen replied.

The two men ate their meal in companionable silence, both tired from the week.

Jensen finally commented, “Let’s pick up a soup and salad take out and go home, soak in the whirlpool, and just go to bed early. No television. No books. Just cuddle and maybe talk. Fall asleep that way.”

Jared swallowed the food he was chewing, “That sounds fabulous, Jen. I’m tired too.”

The professor smiled and continued to eat, grateful for all he’d been given.


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