If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 46: December 23

Chapter Text


I decided to turn the final two chapters into three instead. It works better that way.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)
Chapter Text

Jensen and Jared were up early. A cold front had come through, and there was frost on the ground. They both bundled up and took Gus for a long walk. Jared took the time to describe how the plant life looked with the whiteness of the frost on everything.

“When you open your mouth to talk or exhale out your nose, a smoky fog appears. Your body is hotter than the air,” the coach commented.

Jensen listened to his fiancé’s chatter. Jared loved to talk, and the professor enjoyed listening. It was a perfect match.

They returned to the house, slipped out of their coats and accessories. Jensen fed and watered Gus while his partner made breakfast.

Entering the kitchen, the older man asked, “What do we need on the table today?”

“I’m making biscuits and sausage gravy with hashbrowns. Plates and the usual.”

Jared watched his love move around the room, going through cabinets with a confidence he did not have four months earlier. The coach smiled and poured orange juice in the small glasses.

They sat at breakfast, Jared read his paper and Jensen listened to the articles the man thought would interest him.

As they cleaned the kitchen and prepared for the day, the sculptor asked him, “What did you decide for the rehearsal dinner tonight?”

“There’s an elderly black woman whose son is a pro barbecuer. He travels all over the country competing and wins quite often. She’s making a huge potato salad, fresh cooked greens, baked beans, and a relish tray. He’s cooking a brisket, five chickens, and about ten pounds of deer sausage. We’ll have ice tea and coffee with it.”

“What time are your parents going to be here?”

“They will meet us at the church, and they will bring you home after the dinner.”

“That’s the one thing I don’t like, Jar.”

“It’s one night, Jen. Come on, let’s go take the fragile ornaments off the tree.”

“What,” Jensen exclaimed as he heard Jared’s laughter reverberating off the walls.

Hurrying to follow the man, he bumped into him when the coach bent over to open some boxes. Jared turned and grabbed the professor, keeping him from falling.

“We’re seriously going to make love under the tree?”

“The fireplace will be burning. It will be warm enough.”

“Jared! Think of the mess.”

The younger man laughed, “I am removing the breakables as you suggested.”

The older man blushed a brilliant red.

Jared put his arms around the slightly embarrassed man and leaned in and whispered in his ears, “I want to kiss and touch your entire naked body and see the different colors of the lights reflecting off your skin.”

Jensen whimpered softly and the coach smiled, thinking it would be the best Christmas ever.


The two men arrived at the church at 5:45 p.m., a little early. Jared wanted to make sure everything was as it should be. He had five gift certificates in his wallet for the bridal party. They were all valued at $200.00 apiece and were for Amazon.com. He would let them choose their gift.

Instead of live music, CD’s were chosen. The bridal party would walk the aisle to Pachabel’s Canon in D. Jensen would sing after the pastor’s speech but before the vows. They had decided on “Longer Than” instead of “Love Changes Everything.” They would walk the aisle together to that song.

Jensen sat about four rows from the front as the people slowly arrived. The wedding planner was in the fellowship hall helping the cooks set things up for serving. Jared walked through and spoke with everyone. The woman who had prepared most of the meal let him know she had also made a homemade banana pudding. Grinning, the coach hugged her.


The Padaleckis and Ackles arrived at the same time as the pastor and soundman. Jared had two small cards with cash in them for the two men.

Jensen received hugs and kisses from everyone. Ellen and her family had arrived, and the pastor called the rehearsal to order.

The sculptor listened to everything that was said, trying to keep the beat of the music in his mind, going over the walk he was told he would have to do. Jared had drafted the cook’s grandson, who was a first year forward on the college basketball team, to pretend to be his fiancé. It was customary for the bride to sit the practice out as tradition held that it was bad luck.


An hour later, the large group with extended family, entered the fellowship hall. Jared gave the gift cards to the bridal party, $500 to the pastor and $250 to the soundman.

When the meal was finally through, the coach walked his fiancé to the van and pulled him into his arms, kissing him gently. He whispered into Jensen’s ear, “Tomorrow you will finally be mine. I will love you until the day I die.”

“Not too soon, Jar. I couldn’t bear life without you,” the sculptor whispered back.

“Maybe God will be good to us, and we’ll go home together.”

“Let’s don’t talk this way. Not tonight.”

Jared kissed him again and hugged his parents. He and Jeff joined Josh, and they climbed into the coach’s truck and headed out to party.

I looked up the songs on You Tube. You can go to these links and hear the songs.
Pachabel’s Canon in D

This is Longer Than by original performer/songwriter. It was actually sung at my wedding by my daughter. They will use an accompaniment tape that will suit Jensen’s range.

Love Changes Everything. My daughter left the church to this particular version by the known cellist, Julian Lloyd Webber, whose brother wrote the musical. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CYEnCqczIFs&list=PLgCqeKr8tBEamp5CzHrijUkMIfQDojFfL&index=11


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