If You Could See What I Hear

Chapter 48: December 25 and the Christmas Tree


I want to thank everyone for reading this story and for the comments you have blessed me with. I want to thank the most wonderful of betas, LadyLaran from AO3, for the time she put in to make this story better and for putting up with my stupid mistakes.

I have already had requests for a sequel. I have written a time stamp but it will not be posted until July 19th. Because of the requests, I have made this a series.

The two men stayed in bed most of Christmas Eve. They wandered, naked through the house while fixing sandwiches and coffee, letting Gus out in the backyard.

In their bedroom, Jared slowly began to teach the other man about making love. He allowed Jensen free reign while he laid back and allowed the man to explore him.

Around three in the morning of Christmas day, they finally slept.


The two awakened around ten that morning. Jared took Gus for a jog while Jensen made coffee and turned on the lights on the tree. He opened the door to the movie room and hit the Christmas playlist number.

Jared returned and made cinnamon rolls for breakfast. They took their food into the family room and exchanged gifts. Jared had found the entire series of the Dragonriders of Pern in Braille. He had scoured the Internet, making calls, until he found them. Jensen had purchased a small block of marble and had sculpted a statue of Jared, wearing the team’s traveling clothes and holding a basketball between his right arm and his hip. It was a pale red and about a foot tall.

“It’s for your office,” he said quietly. Jared leaned in to thank him with a kiss and it deepened, when the sculptor opened his mouth in invitation. They were sitting on the floor in front of the fire place with the tree nearby.

Jared had his hands under Jensen’s shirt and was slowly touching every inch of his torso. Jensen was moaning, hands roaming the taller man’s body in return.

It took a while. Jared had gotten up and brought a quilt into the room. They were both naked by this time and the older man was licking and sucking all over Jared’s body, from his neck down to his pleasure peak. The younger man closed his eyes and let the inexperienced man plunder his body.

Jensen began to lap at the large penis that was already engorged and leaking precum. The coach saw a wicked grin cross the other man’s face as he suddenly took him into his mouth.


The professor finally had to lay on the other man’s legs to hold him still as he gently squeezed the tightened balls in his right hand. Jared was making strange sounds.

Suddenly, the coach turned over and dumped the older man onto the floor. He pulled Jensen to his hands and knees and began to run his fingers down his spine to his crack and caress the pink pucker. He ran his tongue down the man, following his fingers. Lubing his fingers, he began to work his husband’s hole open.

“Lower your head to the floor, Jen,” the taller man rasped out with passion in his voice.

He slowly entered Jensen and found he could go deeper in this position. He had never felt this turned on. He rode Jensen hard, hitting his sweet spot over and over. Jensen made grunting sounds and moaned.

Jared noticed the professor’s balls tightening, and he pulled out.

“Damn it, Jar!”

Grabbing the sculptor around the waist, Jared lifted him and turned him over onto his back halfway under the tree.

Lifting the older man’s legs around his hips, the coach gripped his hips and squeezed tightly, holding him in position.

They were no longer on the quilt and every thrust Jared made into Jensen’s ass shoved him a little further under the tree. At this point, the professor had no inkling where he was. His mind was on the sensations erupting through his body.

Jared wanted him to come untouched and worked the prostate hard, aiming for it with every stroke of his cock into the man’s channel.

Suddenly, Jensen froze. The intensity of the feelings inside of him caused him to scream out and his body lifted off the ground, hitting the underside of the tree. There was a loud crash, and the two men were smothered by the ten foot fir.

It was quiet for a moment. Jared attempted to lift the tree, calling out Jensen’s name.

“Are you all right, Jen?”

He heard a hiss and then some swearing.


“Damn it, Jar! Move!”

In shock, Jared realized he was still inside of the man, with the tree on top of them. He slowly began to move and heard a groan.

“Faster! Harder!”

Thinking ‘what the hell’ he began to ram into his husband, hitting the prostate. He could feel the tree moving up and down as he worked harder to bring Jensen off.

Jared was struggling not to laugh. The situation was ludicrous, but Jensen was only thinking of coming. He felt him stiffen and cry out his name and the cum shot up into the tree, dripping from the fir’s branches.

Pulling out, the coach leaned back onto the floor and laughed hysterically.

“This is will be a honeymoon to remember,” he joked as he pushed the tree up and off them.

He crawled over and checked his husband for injuries, doubting the man would have even noticed them. Finally, he stood and reached down to take Jensen’s hand and pull him up.

“Let’s go back to bed, Jen.”

“But what about the tree?”

“We’re leaving in the morning to catch a flight to Houston. I would rather be making love to you instead of cleaning up the mess.”

“But, Jared,” Jensen began.

Interrupting him, Jared took his hand and led him towards the hall and their bedroom. “It will be here when we get back.”

“Oh! Now I see.”

“You’ve always been able to see more than any of us, Jen. Come and see me.”

“I like that idea,” the sculptor answered as they closed the door to the bedroom behind them.



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