The Baron’s Prize

Chapter 14: Facing the Nightmare


WARNING!! There is what may be taken as possible dubcon in this chapter. My beta loves this story but hates this one chapter. I am so angry with Jared but I am one of those writers whose characters tell them what happens. Jared should have done all he could to protect Jensen from having this happen in the palace where his innocence was stolen from him

Jensen was somehow able to avoid going into a panic attack and I admire the self control he managed to find. Do I believe he’s lost? No. I think there is still some fight in him and Jared had better beware.

(See the end of the chapter for more notes.)

Jared led the duke to the gardens and found a bench for the two of them to sit. After taking a seat, he turned and watched the man sitting next to him for several moments, noticing he was waging a battle within himself.

“Jensen, listen to me. Let me help you.”

“Let you help?”


“You told Morgan that you agreed with his plans. You told him you wanted it. That you wanted me. How is that supposed to help me?”

“I can make it good for you. You can enjoy it.”

“I am being given away as a piece of property to the king’s greatest warrior. There is no one to take my side in this battle. I’ve lost before I can even fight,” the duke told him.

“You don’t need to fight. We’re already living together; you share my bed.”

“Damn it! You forced yourself into my bed; I have never shared yours.”

“You’ve slept in my arms the last three nights, and I’ve held you and comforted you dozens of times.”

“That’s supposed to make it right? To make me just lay back and let you have your way with me? The king has made me a whore, Jared,” Jensen said bitterly.

“No! You are not a whore! You are mine and mine alone. No other man will touch you.”

“I don’t want to be yours! I don’t want to belong to anyone! Can’t you understand?”

“Jensen, Morgan has declared his justice. You are not going to die; you are not going to be whored out. You will marry me. You will give in to my desires and make them yours. You will show the healer proof that I have taken you on the morrow.”

The duke rose to his feet and looked around him. Jared watched the panic in the man’s eyes.

“Jensen, I promise I won’t hurt you. I don’t have it in me to do so. But I was not raised to tend an estate. Mine was taken from me when I was a baby. I would ruin the land. If you can’t do it for you and me, then do it for Avenleigh.”

The duke’s shoulders sagged in defeat and he closed his eyes, fighting back tears. He walked towards the fountain in the center of the gardens. Jared rose to his feet and followed, with the knowledge that he won, but at what cost?

Ackles sat on the stone wall of the fountain and ran a hand through the water. The baron finally stood in front of him.

The younger man did not look up. He spoke in a quiet voice, “Tell me what you expect from me. What do I have to pay or give to save my land?”

Jared winced. This was not what he wanted. “Live in peace with me, work the land with me, entertain with me, and share my bed as my husband in every way that entails.”

The duke’s arms went around his chest, trying to hold himself together. He rocked back and forth on the fountain wall, and a light keening sound erupted from him.

The baron wanted to gather him in his arms but stood and waited instead. He let the duke mourn his freedom.


At 6:45, the two men walked to the chapel. Jensen was pale but held himself together with what pride he still had. Jared walked close to him, and arm around him with his hand on the man’s lower back.

The chamberlain and Christian met the two, and the four of them entered the chapel. The room was empty for the moment. The duke walked to the front and knelt at the prayer rail. The other three men talked in low whispers near the entrance.

At 7:00, Morgan, Mary, and the priest entered the room. The Bishop looked around him. Morgan introduced Jared and Christian.

“Where’s Jensen?”

“Praying,” the baron responded to the king.

“I’m not changing my mind, Jared.”

“He knows that, Sir. I am worried that this will break him.”

“He’s strong and resilient. He’ll survive it.” ”

He’s lost more than most men have to deal with,” Jared countered.

“You’ll have every opportunity to win him over being married to him.”

“Yes, Sire.”

Morgan turned to everyone. “Let’s find a seat and let the Bishop do his job.” He looked at Jared, “Are your men going to be here? We need people to bed you two.”

“General, you can’t add that to what is happening to him.”

The priest interrupted. “It is the custom, my lord,”

Christian asked the chamberlain to bring the men in.


Jensen could hear voices but did not rise. His heart cried out, and he tried to calm himself before he panicked. He recognized the onset of it because it had only happened a few times before. When his father made him watch the man he’d kissed be beaten to death and then attempted to do the same to him, he had felt it for the first time. It happened again when his sword ran through Padalecki’s brother. It only happened one other time…when Sebastian took him. He was scared. No, that wasn’t even the right word. He was terrified.

A hand touched his shoulder, and he slowly raised his head and stared at the man he was going to be married to. Jared held out his hand to help him to his feet.

“I can get up, my lord.”

“It will be easier on your knee if you allow me to help, Jensen.”

Jared looked into the duke’s amazing green eyes and saw the fear there. His stomach twisted into knots, but he knew he could teach Jensen to trust and to open his heart to him.

The baron smiled softly when the trembling hand was placed in his. He reached over and put his other hand around Jensen’s waist and helped him rise. The man groaned softly.

“It’s all right. Let’s just get through this. I’ll help you with everything else.”

“Don’t do that, Jared. We made a bargain to save my land, and I will keep it. Just..don’t tell me you will help me through what you have helped cause,” he asked.

“Fair enough.”

The bishop stood in front of the altar, and the two men faced him. Jensen kept his voice calm and said his vows. The priest pronounced that they were wed. Jared put his arms around Jensen and pulled him in for a deep kiss knowing there would be no fight.

Morgan asked everyone to come to the ballroom for a feast.


Jensen ate very little, and the baron had to remove the alcohol as the duke attempted to get as drunk as he could.

Several of the servants approached the table and asked the duke to come with them.


“To get you ready my lord, so you can be bedded.”

The green eyes widened. “Someone’s going to put me into bed with him?”

Some of the men laughed, and the duke stood up and stared around him. “I have done everything I’ve been asked to do. I will finish what I was ordered to do, but I will not allow anyone to take me to the bed chamber and undress me. I am quite capable of doing it myself.”

“I agree with Jensen. We are both leaving right now. What room?”

The chamberlain came forward. “If you would follow me, my lords.”


“Morgan, it’s decided.”

“Have a wonderful night.”

The duke turned blood red and hurried towards the door; the baron and the chamberlain followed him.

He stood in the hall, hearing the laughter from behind him. He could even imagine the ribald remarks being made on his behalf. He wanted to cry but refused to give anyone that pleasure.

“If you will follow me, your Grace.”

The young lord turned towards the manservant and nodded. The three of them headed up the stairs.


The room was massive, and it had a large bed. In an alcove were two baths prepared for the men. A fire roared in the grate, and candles were set strategically to add a romantic atmosphere.

The chamberlain bade the two good night before leaving them alone. Jensen looked around him and hated it because it was a room made for lovers. He all but whimpered.

“Chris brought our luggage.”

“That’s good,” Jensen said shakily.

“Why don’t we get undressed and take a bath. The hot water will help relax you.”

“What makes you think I want to relax?”

“Because I can see the terror in your eyes. You are going to make yourself sick if you stay at this high a panic level.”

Jensen opened his mouth several times and closed it again. Walking towards the two steaming tubs, he noticed rose petals in one of them and snorted.

“What?” Jared walked up behind him. “I’ll take that one. You do not have to accept the idea that you are beneath me. Well, except in the bedroom,” the warrior grinned.

The green eyes widened in panic.

“Let’s take care of your wardrobe, Jensen. It’s difficult to replace.”

The ducal garments and jewelry were placed in the second case. Ackles stood in his undergarments and felt the water. He knew the baron was right. It would soothe him.

Jared walked up behind him and began to massage his shoulders. At first he thought the duke was going to fight him but suddenly, he relaxed, slowly leaning into the taller man. The large hands and lean fingers worked out knots, and a soft moan escaped the pouting lips.

The baron slowly slipped his fingers beneath the edge of the under shirt and lifted it up over the shorter man’s head. Jensen’s head fell back against the older man’s chest. Jared reached to the top of the undergarment and felt the duke’s hands stop him as the man pulled away.

“I can do that.”

Jared turned to remove his own clothing. He heard a slight splash of water and smiled. It was going to take time. He just had to make sure that Jensen experienced something as akin to ecstasy as he could create for him. He wanted the man to want sex with him…to desire it.

Jared sat in the tub with the roses, the scent causing a soothing affect.

Jensen soon reached for one of the large towels and covered himself as he left the alcove. He stayed wrapped in the towel as he sat in a chair by the fire.


Jared walked, naked, into the bedroom and turned the quilts down, glad there were numerous pillows. He walked over to the fire and watched the other man staring into the flames.

“Jensen,” he whispered.

Ackles slowly turned and saw his naked body, the deepening red covering the duke’s entire body in embarrassment. He turned face up to look at the older man.

Jared reached down and took his hands and pulled him up. As Jensen rose, his towel fell to the floor and the baron finally got his wish.

“You are so beautiful,” he whispered in awe. “We need to bandage your knee.”

“It will be all right.”

The warrior put his arm around Jensen and the other behind his rear, picking him up and carried him to the bed. He took the time to bandage the right knee and then climbed into the bed.

Jensen froze for a second and quickly moved away.

Jared pushed him onto his back, and the nobleman caught his breath in fear. The larger man laid on his side and leaned in, moving his mouth over Jensen’s ear, slightly licking and then nipping it. He moved behind the ear and down his neck, leaving love marks on him. The smaller male closed his eyes, trying to avoid the anger he felt at those marks. He’d been so specific that it was not happen and now he could not stop it.

Jared stopped every time he suckled the duke’s body to leave a mark. He left the bruise before there was much more than a sting. Jensen felt his heart rate going up and worried about it. He was starting to react to the actions the baron was doing to him.

The warrior slowly moved down the duke’s shoulder and moved toward his chest. He looked up at the man and could see that he had closed his eyes. He was not squeezing them shut in panic, and that was a good sign.

Jared touch Jensen’s left nipple and gently squeezed it. The man gasped and came up off the bed.

“Don’t do that!”

“Why? Because you like it and you don’t want to?”

Ackles chewed his bottom lip, and Jared leaned in and kissed him. He let his mouth linger, pulling in the lower lip and sucking on it. Jensen made the first sound that proved he was reacting to what the Baron was doing. He moaned slightly.

Jared’s tongue pushed at the man’s lips, demanding entrance. Without thinking, Jensen opened to him. The younger man had forgotten what it was like to be kissed this way. His body, remembering the feeling, responded. His tongue started to move and battle the baron’s. Jared pulled him into his arms and deepened the kiss.

Jensen felt lost in the feeling the kiss was causing. He wanted to push away, but his body had rebelled against him. Jared’s hand reached for his other nipple, gently squeezing it. The groan that came from him was much deeper and louder than before. It terrified him.

The duke managed to push Jared back and panted for air. The baron pulled him closer and laid his head on the younger man’s shoulder, gently kissing him there.

After Jensen calmed down, Jared leaned in and kissed him again. Once the kiss ended, he moved down his neck to his chest and pulled a nipple into his mouth and suckled.

“Heavens!” Jensen found himself holding the other man’s head still, not allowing him to move from the spot.

Jared knew he could move when he was ready, but the duke’s reaction was more than he had counted on. He was going to worship both nipples for a while.

The duke felt like he was in a dream world. The feelings were overwhelming, and he had lost all control. He couldn’t fight the man who was touching, sucking, and licking him, and he didn’t want to anymore. All he could do was to lay there and let him have what he wanted.

Suddenly, he froze as Jared’s hand reached his cock. He had not realized that it had hardened and was leaking. The baron fisted him and began to move his hand up and down, the thumb going over the slit at the tip and using the precum to slicken him. He moaned and pushed into the Jared’s hand and cried out when his cock started to shoot cum in spurts.

Everything grew still. Jensen was gasping for air, frightened that this had happened and he’d enjoyed it. Jared slowly licked his stomach, lapping up the spent. The younger man closed his eyes and groaned at the feeling.

Jared lay beside him and gently caressed his body. The duke’s mind was a mass of confusion. This was not what he expected.



“I don’t understand. What..” Jensen was interrupted as Jared lips found his. He could taste himself on the man’s lips and tongue
“That was just the beginning,” the baron promised. “We have all night.”

The duke let that register amongst all the confused thoughts and emotions that were ruling his mind at the time.

Jared slowly caressed Jensen’s balls, rolling them in his hands. He leaned down and sucked one into his mouth, and the duke swore. The warrior smiled around the mouth full of testicle and worked the other after he released the one.

He sucked and licked the jointure of the man’s thighs to his body. Jensen was whining at that point. Jared reached up and felt Jensen’s cock and found that it had hardened again. Lack of experience meant his body was going to respond more and allow him multiple orgasms, much like a youth. Jared had hoped for it and was excited to see it.

He slowly ran his tongue up the nerve bundle on the duke’s cock and sucked in the top, his tongue pushing into the slit. At this point, Jensen had two fists full of Jared’s hair. The duke screamed when Jared swallowed him. It was not long before the man was pushing his body into the baron’s face.

Suddenly, Jensen cried out, “Stop!” Jared knew why he’d said it and began to run his tongue around the cock, and Jensen cried out again as he came the second time.

The baron held the man close to him, rubbing his lower back, soothing him. He wanted the duke to relax and for his body to rest. The next time he was taking him completely. Coming twice meant he would last longer, and it was the warrior’s desire for the ride to last a while and to hear the man cry out every time he hit his sweet spot.

He got out of bed, and the duke whimpered. Smiling, he walked over to the table and poured two glasses of wine. He wanted Jensen to be as calm and relaxed as he could get him.


Jensen drank the glass of wine with the baron and let the man pull him close. It felt intimate and, at this point, there was no reason not to be. He dozed slightly.

He roused to the feeling of being turned over and pulled to his knees. He panicked.

“Shhhh…not going to hurt you.”

The duke started breathing fast but started to calm a little when he felt the baron’s tongue touch him there. He bit his lip to remain quiet. Jared licked and slightly sucked on the pink pucker, and Jensen lost the ability to be quiet. He moaned softly.

Jared pushed his tongue into the man’s hole and heard a startled sob escape the nobleman’s lips. He pushed as deep as he could and began to move his tongue.

“Sweet lord,” the man cried out as his body began to shake uncontrollably.

The baron reached for the jar of oil on the table next to the bed and dipped his fingers into it. Slowly, he moved one finger into the wet hole. The duke stiffened. Jared used his other hand to rub the man’s lower back.

“Relax, Jensen. It might sting, and burn but I’m not going to take you unprepared. This is not going to cause massive pain like you suffered before. I promise you’ll like it. Have I hurt you in any way?”

“No,” the man murmured, sounding scared.

Jared kept the finger still and then slowly began to move it around, slowly stretching the man. He added the second finger and stayed still, letting Jensen acclimate to it. He began to move the fingers in a scissoring fashion and elicited a slight moan. The third finger caused a small sob. He remained still and waited. Once the duke relaxed, he began to move them and hit the sweet spot.

Jensen’s arched his back and cried out, “Don’t stop!”

Grinning, the baron hit the spot several more times and pulled out. He heard a moan of disappointment, and his grin grew larger. Reaching for the jar of oil, he smothered his cock with it and wiped his hands on a towel.

Jensen was squirming, not understanding why he was feeling like this. The only time anything had been put inside him he had been hurt…badly.

Jared turned him over, and the green eyes widened as he saw the size of the man kneeling between his legs. The baron lifted his left leg, exposing him. Jensen felt the head of the massive cock move against his hole and stiffened. Jared laid on top of him and bit down on his shoulder. The younger man cried out, and the warrior was able to push into him.

Jensen stared up at the face looking down at him and felt the pressure and slight burn, but there was no severe pain. He forced himself to relax while he held his breath, waiting. Jared finally began to move, and the feeling was so different. Jensen willed himself to be still, to let the man have him.

Suddenly, the baron pulled the duke’s legs over his hips and told him to push into him. Jared hit his sweet spot, and Jensen screamed his name and began to push up meeting every thrust. Each time the man pushed into him, he felt incredible pleasure.

It took time for Jensen to come as his husband had hoped. Jared did not want to stroke him this time because he wanted the man to come untouched. He held himself back as he waited and watched the younger man’s face.

When Jensen’s body finally responded to the drilling against his sweet spot, his hole squeezed down tight on Jared and both men came at the same time. The baron watched the duke’s face. His eyes had widened, and his mouth was open as if he tried to scream ‘oh’ but it had caught in his throat.

Ackles lay still, his body spiraling as he rode out the final moments of the orgasm. Jared had fallen on top of him but was still inside of him. He couldn’t think. His mind was overwhelmed. How was he supposed to deal with what had just happened? He’d expected to be dominated, not this. The baron had not lied to him. ‘Oh, dear god, what do I do now?’

Jared pulled out, going to dampen one of the bathing cloths so he could clean and dry both of them. He blew out all of the candles and placed a screen in front of the fire.

Climbing back into the bed, he pulled a quilt over them. Jensen, half asleep, turned and cuddled into him.

The older man smiled and held onto his young husband, and the two slept.


I do hope this hasn’t angered any of you enough to quit reading. This story does have a happy ending. Please don’t be angry with me. I’m just the scribe.


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